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5 Powerful List Building Tips For Growing Your Business

February 16th, 2021

One of the best ways to grow your internet business is to build a mailing list that you can email to again and again with special offers for products and important news about your business. There is a saying, “the money is in the list.” Truer words were never spoken. Your list can be an absolute goldmine if you build it correctly and cultivate a relationship with your readership. Here are some important list building tips to help you get started.

1. Offer a valuable free gift in exchange for the individual’s email address.

The best way to entice people to join your list is to offer something that is valuable to them, such as a free report, video or webinar. The free gift should be on a topic that is related to your business or the products you offer for sale so that you build a targeted list. The opt-in rate for a list is much higher when a freebie is offered, so it is worth the time to either create or buy a valuable free gift to offer to visitors to join your list.

2. Make sure your opt-in boxes for joining your list are in highly visible places on your website. You can install a plugin that will activate a pop-up window when people visit your site with an offer for joining your list. Other good places for an opt-in box include right below the header and in the sidebar of your website.

3. One of the most important list building tips is to drive targeted traffic to your opt-in forms. You want people on your list who will be interested in buying what you have to offer. You actually don’t want just anyone on the list to inflate the numbers. The best way to do this is to advertise your list in places where interested buyers congregate online.

You can write articles related to your products and post them on article directories or guest posts on websites. If people are interested in your article and want more information, they will click on the link over to your site where your opt-in form is.

Another great way to drive targeted traffic to your opt-in form is to buy inexpensive Facebook ads. You can target certain demographics or interest groups to make sure you are driving targeted traffic to your opt-in. Adding an opt-in form on a Facebook fan page can be a very effective way of building a targeted list.

You can also post in forums related to your business or products and have a link in your signature that has an opt-in form to your mailing list. If you provide the forum members with helpful advice and interesting posts, some of them will click on your link and join your list.

4. Build a relationship with your list by providing them with interesting content and value. Some people make the mistake of only sending their lists offers. Every email is telling people to buy, buy, buy. Most people tend to get tired of being sold to all of the time, and if you send too many promotional emails you will see a high number of individuals opt out of your list.

Try to balance your emails between offering good, informative content and sending offers every third email or so. That way you still can send plenty of offers, but not to the point where your readers think that all you want to do is sell them things all of the time.

5. Use automation

This may be the most important of all of our list building tips. It is critical that you use a quality autoresponder service to automate the list building process. The service will opt people in to and out of your list, allow you to queue up messages and send them on a schedule, send broadcast messages, comply with spam policies and much more.